Involvement with Parents :

Kindergarten is not just a place for children it is a place for parents / guardians.Parents careers are welcome to join in and be involved in every program at HPGS.

Involving Young Children :

Kindergarten children learn by experiencing the world around them. They explore ,examin , and try to figure out what everything means. They cannot yet do things perfectly, but every day, they learn something new. It doesn’t happen all at once, yet as they progress, they get closer and closer to speaking clearly,

Reorganization letters and sounds,  understanding and creating stories, counting real thing, adding and subtracting, and dividing their blocks evenly among their friends.


Young children learn in the following ways:

  • Talking with friends, answering thoughtful question posed by adults, commenting on what they are doing and what they want to do, naming the things that surround them
  • Exploring their environment and the materials in it by sliding,

Running , jumping or building houses with blocks

  • Practicing new skills that adults, and sometimes older children, show them.

  • Rehearsing what they see around them by playing house or pretending to go to the doctor ,store or bank
  • Approximating the standard way of doing things. Children learn to do things one small step at a time.

  • Making Meaning from each experience they have throughout their day
  • Drawing and writing names, words, and sentences
  • Reading comprehension and stories

The Classroom environment :

Hpgs System lays great emphasis on kindergarten classroom environment. Our classrooms are organized into interest areas or centers field with a variety  of materials and equipment including blocks, dramatic play supplies, science activities ,books ,art supplies and more.

One to one Interacting with Children :

We at HPGS believe that one to one interactions between the child and teacher are pivotal to the overall development of the child. This helps teachers understand the emerging skills of each child and to plan experiences that accommodate each child’s own style of learning.