Play Group

Our Play Group Programmes at Happy Palace Schools, give children ages 15 months to 24 months a loving, nurturing and secure environment. In order for a toddler to feel comfortable enough to explore and learn, a trusting relationship must exist between the child and their teacher. Before a child is able to form this relationship with his teacher, he must first be able to trust himself. The process of developing self-esteem begins very early in life. Our teachers demonstrate to our toddlers that they are trustworthy individuals. Children in our care are comforted, provided with unconditional love and are assured that they will be protected and kept safe.

Our environment allows space for freedom of movement and provides materials that enhance and foster development in all areas of the senses. All of our materials and furniture are child size and are carefully chosen to meet the developmental needs of the children at this age. The classroom is a beautiful, friendly, inviting and very nurturing environment. Our daily schedule that is preplanned and carefully thought out provides the children with a variety of stimulating and hands on activities which foster the children’s social, emotional, cognitive and physical development.

Each child is welcomed, treated with respect and is recognized as their own individual. The Play Group Program also provides our children with outdoor activities that promote and enhance gross motor development. Our toddlers are provided with experiences in Music, Art, Story time and Sensory activities, which will help motivate them to learn, and create the solid foundation in the early years of learning that is essential to future academic success.