Leadership Councils

Student Council

At HPGS, we lay great stress in nurturing leadership quality, team working skills, interpersonal skills, communication and presentation skills. We recognize that employers look for team players and future leaders with exceptional drive and creativity. Academic credentials are important, but so are your achievements outside the classroom. Therefore, we provide students the opportunity to excel, and learn to lead in a competitive environment.

For this purpose, we have created leadership positions in our school system.
1) Matric Section – Student Prefects
2) Middle School – Student Prefectorial Council
3) Senior O Level and AS/A Level Stream – Student Council

The main purpose of these student bodies is to report on issues affecting fellow students and find ways in which to improve school life. Based on academic merit and extracurricular activities, senior teachers and principals nominate a governing body of students. These bodies are tasked to demonstrate our core school values.

Role of the student governing bodies is to:
• Help improve student life
• Ensure that students have a voice and gain respect
• Ensure an enjoyable learning experience
• Improve atmosphere and environment
• Bring students together, one body to represent all students
• Generate new ideas and improvements
• Make changes