Registration dates and schedules: Parents are informed to register their students from 15th July – 15th August, between 8.30 am to 13.30 pm at any of their preferred location for August/September Session and from 15th March – 15th April, between 8.30 am to 13.30 pm at any of their preferred location for April/May Session.

Step 1:
Meet with the Assistant Director of Admissions at the reception of any of our locations. Depending on seat availability, a registration form will be given for each child. At this time parents must bring with them a copy of the child’s birth certificate, passport size photograph and previous school reports. A complete registration form with the fee will be required to process the admission.

Step 2:
The admissions office will call to make an appointment for your child to visit our school and give entry level test.

Step 3:
Both parents and the child must attend the scheduled interview and testing, at which time they will be informed of when a decision will be given regarding their child. It is mandatory for parents/guardians to be present for the interview. The school reserves the right to reject any candidate if he or she does not fulfill the admission criterion.

Age Limits
# Classes Minimum Age Maximum Age
1 Pre Nursery 2 Years 5 Months 3 Years 4 Months
2 Nursery 3 Years 5 Months 4 Years 4 Months
3 Kindergarten 4 Years 5 Months 5 Years 4 Months
4 Grade I 5 Years 5 Months 6 Years 4 Months
5 Grade II 6 Years 5 Months 7 Years 4 Months
6 Grade III 7 Years 5 Months 8 Years 4 Months
7 Grade IV 8 Years 5 Months 9 Years 4 Months
8 Grade V 9 Years 5 Months 10 Years 4 Months
9 Grade VI 10 Years 5 Months 11 Years 4 Months
10 Grade VII 11 Years 5 Months 12 Years 4 Months
11 Grade VIII 12 Years 5 Months 13 Years 4 Months
12 Grade IX 13 Years 5 Months 14 Years 4 Months
13 Grade X 14 Years 5 Months 15 Years 4 Months
14 Grade XI 15 Years 5 Months 16 Years 4 Months
15 AS Level 16 Years 5 Months 17 Years 4 Months
16 A Levels 17 Years 5 Months 18 Years 4 Months
17 Intermediate College 17 Years 5 Months 18 Years 4 Months    Go to College Website

Additional requirements for HPGS:
1. All applicants must provide a copy of their most recent school transcript and a school leaving certificate.
2. Although not required, a letter of recommendation from a teacher or school principal would help the admission department in becoming more familiar with the applicant.
3. All applicants are required to complete a test in English and Mathematics before they can receive admission.

Documentation to be submitted at the time of admission:
• Birth Certificate.
• Two 1”x1” photographs with the name of the applicant on the reverse.
• Clearance Certificate from the previous school.
• Photocopies of all other non-academic certificate.
• Photocopies of Grade IX, X, XI school reports. (if applicable)
• Photocopy of attested School Transcript.
• O level Results. (if applicable)
• Admission Application.
• Teachers’ Reference Form. (if applicable)

Please Note:
It is mandatory that all the above documents are submitted at the interview

Admission form