Welcome to HPGS

where we believe that ‘Hard work and Perseverance Guarantees Success’


HPGS is a registered and recognized entity and affiliated with University of Cambridge, The British Council and Local Boards of Education. The school has received many honors, accolades and holds a National Record.

Annual Sports Day

Annual Sports Day @ PCB Sport Ground include; Athletics, Races, PT Display, March Past, Band Display and much more...

Creativity Explored

At HPGS, extra curricular activities form regular part of the school curriculum. From Bonfire nights to Educational Recursions, HPGenians enjoy every moment of their school life.

Welcome to Happy Palace Group of Schools


Video Documentary - Exploring HPGS

We offer early childhood education system to children ranging from the ages one to seven in the form of Play Group and Kindergarten. Especially designed environments are built at HPGS, together with approved curriculum to enhance the vocabulary and language skills of children so that they learn how to communicate, play and interact with others appropriately.

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We offer elementary education to children establishing foundations in range of subject areas. Through specially designed academic coursework, we aim to promote literacy and numeracy amongst the children. Happy Palace Grammar School Primary education ensures smooth transition to more advanced secondary education or middle school.

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Matric curriculum system is more common and widely chosen by students. It comprises of a two-year study program: class IX and X; commonly called S.S.C examination Part I (IX) and Part –II (X). Matriculation (usually shortened to "matric") is a term that refers to the final examinations of 9th and 10th grades. It results in the issuance of SSC or TSC.

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The HPGS Alumnus Society will be launched on 1st January 2013, with its first convention to be held in November 2013. The HPGS Alumni Office aims to help you stay in touch with your school, your college and other Hpgsonians, wherever you are in the world. The HPGS fraternity is vibrant, diverse and leads in their respective fields of study.

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  Introduction of HPGS

  Facilities and Attractions

  • All purpose-built campuses provide the essential academic and recreational facilities.
  • Science laboratories are equipped with the most modern scientific equipment to facilitate practical work necessary for senior examinations. approved and appreciated by British Council.
  • State-of-the-art computer labs provide access to advanced interactive technology throughout our schools at all stages. approved and appreciated by British Council.
  • Practical classrooms are available for art, science, design, technology and music lessons.
  • Our well stocked libraries support the curriculum and the reading programmes in our schools while encouraging students to carry out research at home.
  • Furnished Gymnasium.
  • Transport Facility

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  • Humble and Reasonable Fee Structure.
  • Merit Scholarships.
  • Highly qualified and experienced teachers.
  • Experienced and renowned faculty.
  • Healthy need and clean environment.
  • Co-curricular Activities.

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